Wed 29 Dec 2021 15:02

Basildon Rugby Football Club


Basildon Rugby Club has derived this policy from the RFU policy.

The club has identified the following circumstances under which photographic images of young people may be taken. This is for guidance only and is not exhaustive or complete:

Video - coaching session for training purposes

Action shots - general photos of players during a game

Awards and ceremonies

Press coverage

Tours and festivals at other club’s grounds.

All parents/guardians are required to complete a permission form consenting to

the taking of video and photographic images.

Photos taken by Basildon Rugby Club will have regard to the RFU guidelines.

If a parent chooses not to grant permission, the player may be asked to withdraw

from an activity if it is expected to be photographed or videoed. The club will

consider allowing the player to be involved in the activity if the parent is present

and monitors the situation, taking responsibility to withdraw the player if necessary.

At away matches or at other club grounds, the coaches will ensure any adult taking photos or video has the consent of that club. Provision should be made by the parent if consent has not been granted.